​The NCAA seemingly made a HUGE mistake ranking the Duke Blue Devils No. 4. Either that, or the Kentucky Wildcats just aren't that good, but we know Coach Calipari is known to field a formidable squad, so that can't be,

​Duke absolutely squished Kentucky by a score of 118-84 on Tuesday night, and you know what that means! Twitter commentary!

Why even play the NCAA Tournament this year? We now all know who is going to win.

Hand it over!

Yes, it probably pains many.

One more time.

Give them a case of natty! They deserve it after tonight's win.

​​Barring every perfect scenario, yes, Duke can win every game.


Have we not been clear?

We can phrase it another way for ya.

Ok, you get it now.

And this is actually true.

But wait, they're not only going to dominate college basketball...

Yup, and now we'll goof on Cleveland.

Just like how Alabama can beat the Browns, right?

Yes, yes they are.

But here's one thing that ever Duke hater can appreciate.

They'll be starting from scratch next year regardless of what happens this season.