​If you didn't think the plot could get any thicker in the ​Pittsburgh Steelers-Le'Veon Bell saga, you're clearly not reading the fine print.

Because apparently that's what Le'Veon's camp reportedly did as they scanned the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, because now the superstar running back might get on a flight back to Miami because there's no point in him taking the field at all!

So, while he's going to lose all of his money this year (assuming he doesn't return), he didn't have to do a THING to get a significant pay raise for 2019. That is, if the Steelers decide to franchise tag him, which they might not even bother to do given the massive headache he's given them (and factoring in the emergence of ​James Conner).

According to Kaboly, the difference in the third franchise tag would be $10 million GUARANTEED.

Now we'll be patiently waiting for Le'Veon's next tweet to see where he's going next.