Mookie Betts is having a better year than you.

The Red Sox outfielder's exceptional play helped push his team to a World Series title, he's recognized as one of the best players in the MLB, and, oh yeah, he welcomed his first child on Tuesday with his girlfriend, Brianna.

He captioned the photo: "Never knew what unconditional love meant or how it felt until I met this little princess. Nov 6th 2018 is a day I’ll never forget❤️"

How adorable. Now Red Sox fans are hoping his daughter will soon have brother Mookie Betts Jr. enter the world so he can make jaw-dropping catches in 20-some years.

Betts' recently won his third Gold Glove Award and is on the short list for the American League MVP. Everything is going right.

Betts' future looks blindingly bright. At only 26, he has a whole career ahead of him, and with the impressive roster the Red Sox have built, a few more championships, too. 

There is a reason that the superstar is smiling in every picture.

Congratulations to Mookie and Brianna.