The MLB almost never names two players from the same team as MVP finalists and the same was true this year, with ​J.D. Martinez shockingly falling short of joining Mookie Betts on this year's American League ballot

J.D.'s agent Scott Boras came to his defense, saying that each voter should be held accountable for their negligence in keeping Martinez off the ballot. 

​​It's hard to argue against a guy who hit .330, bombed 43 home runs and drove in 130 RBI for the team who finished with the MLB's best record, but forgetting that J.D. doesn't play defense would be irresponsible and this must've been the voters' deciding factor. 

​Some would even argue the Chris Sale deserved the nod on the ballot over the Red Sox slugger.

Martinez took the Red Sox lineup to a different level and he'll surely win the AL's Silver Slugger Award, but the MVP concerns all facets of the game and J.D. only participates on offense. 

Let's give credit to Boras though. He's willing to defend all of his players, no matter how wrong he is.