​Imagine you wind up on the best team in the NBA after years of toiling for lower-tier clubs, you start to show out on the court, and you get a shout out from one of the most well-known basketball mouthpieces in Stephen A. Smith. After all these years of hard work.

It sounds like a dream, right? 

Only it was reality for second-year forward ​Alfonzo McKinnie. The problem? Smith completely botched his name in the tweet he sent out saying that McKinnie is a special player, and McKinnie let him hear about it. 


Not only is he balling on the court, but he's handing out L's off the court as well. 

That's embarrassing if you're Stephen A. He pulled the ultimate ​Charles Barkley, although I'm sure Barkley would've found a way to botch it even worse. To make matters worse, not only did he spell his first name wrong, but he messed up on the last name as well!

Does nobody proofread anymore? I guess Smith decided checking the guy's name wasn't worth the extra five seconds it would've taken instead of just seemingly firing off the tweet.

Good for this man making a name for himself and making sure people put some respect on it.