​The Ball family has been in the headlines on a consistent basis over the last year, and now we've got blockbuster news for the Ohio state high school basketball world. 

After facing criticism for dropping out of Chino Hills High School in California in order to be home-schooled, and then going on to sign a pro contract in Lithuania, LaMelo Ball will be returning to high school.

According to SLAM Online, LaMelo will be enrolling at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

"I’m excited to return to school and rejoin my class on the court for my senior year," LaMelo told SLAM Online. "Playing in international competition was a great experience. I learned and matured so much. I appreciated the ​JBA experience my dad provided for me. I think it helped my development. I can’t wait to play with my peers."

LaMelo will be a play for Spire Institute's basketball program this winter, and face off against other top prep schools, as opposed to traditional high schools.

When Ball left high school last year, he was ranked as the No. 7 prospect in his recruiting class, which made things that much more confusing once he opted for home-schooling, and eventually p​laying for his father LaVar's JBA League.

His decision to return to high school is being met with praise, as it allows LaMelo to showcase his talent to pro scouts against players of his age. The plan is obvious for Ball, as he is beginning his path to the 2020 NBA Draft.