Poor Isaiah Thomas. The guy can't catch a break. He played lights out for the Boston Celtics, but got traded after an injury. He's always dealing with health concerns, too. 

Now, he's getting robbed of a suit.

Remember when the Cavs showed up looking fresh to games with tailored suits LeBron bought the team? Well, IT wasn't there to receive his because he got shipped out of town. 

So, who ended up getting that extra suit? 

After soccer star Lionel Messi posted a photo to his Instagram Story wearing what appeared to be the exact same suit as the ones the Cavs were wearing, it totally looks like James gave Thomas' suit away. You can even see that Messi had his pant legs rolled up, which would explain the two-inch height difference between him and Thomas.

Really, Bron? Just giving away your buddy's suit like that? Wow.

Both Messi and LBJ are considered among the greatest effort in their respective sports. Unfortunately for Thomas, now they're dressing alike too.