The NL Cy Young race has been an interesting one all season, because much of the argument involving the award circle around not the players themselves, but rather how players should be evaluated and compared to one another more generally.

Player A had the lowest ERA in the league (1.70), but had an underwhelming record of 10-9. Player B was the opposite, earning 18 wins (tied for first in the NL), but had a noticeably less impressive ERA of 2.53. So, who wins?

The question of how the MLB evaluates players is an interesting one and one that we will likely have answered when one of either player A (Jacob DeGrom) or player B (Max Scherzer) takes home the NL Cy Young later this month.

Aaron Nola of the Philadelphia Phillies was also ceremoniously added as another finalist because of ​his great season, but I think that it is pretty safe to say that he will not be anywhere close to bringing home the hardware.

The Cy Young is an individual award, and to look at a team-dependent stat (wins) to determine the recipient of such an award just isn't right. It is for that reason that Jacob Degrom should be this year's big winner-- ​and perhaps even a dark horse for MVP.