​The usual suspects here, folks, but that only means the competition is as real as anticipated.

After an incredible season of National League baseball, this one boils down to three young stars, two of whom emerged and fulfilled their immense promise (finally) in 2018, making a true leap.

Your finalists are Nolan Arenado, ​Christian Yelich, and ​Javier Baez.

Yelich is the odds-on favorite after a late-summer push that'll make you blush, proving once and for all that he's the best outfielder the Marlins traded last offseason (sorry, Giancarlo). Overall, he hit ​​.326 with 36 bombs, pushing Milwaukee all the way to Game 7 of the NLCS (though he posted a surprisingly stagnant postseason).

Baez's season would stand out in any other campaign; the Cubs' most exciting player hit .290 with 34 homers and 111 RBI while also flashing elite defense.

Arenado's ridiculous campaign is the norm at this point, and he'll finish an impressive third--nothing to sneeze at.

Can't wait until the winner is officially announced!