The Le'Veon Bell saga just revealed another wrinkle.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter had previously reported that Bell would need to report to the Steelers by Week 10 in order to be eligible free agency in the offseason as per league rules. Now, he's reporting the exact opposite: Bell won't necessarily have to report by that time based on the number of years he's already logged in the league.

​​This makes the already impossible-to-understand will-they-or-won't-they dance between the Steelers and their star running back even more convoluted. What's clear is this-- if Bell wants to play a down in 2018 and earn the checks that go along with it, he has to report to Pittsburgh by next Tuesday.​​

Recent developments (especially ​one Bell tweet) have many speculating​​ that he's on his way back to the Steel City. However, reports also suggest that he's going to make a stop in East Lansing for some ​extracurricular activity before making his grand return.

Through all this uncertainly, we'll finally have a clearer picture after Tuesday as to what Le'Veon's 2018 outlook is going to look like.