Do we finally have an ETA on Le'Veon Bell?

His interminable holdout could be coming to an end soon as the season is beyond the midway point.

According to reports, Bell is heading to Michigan to watch his alma mater take on Ohio State. Following that, he'll be back with Pittsburgh. 

Now we found an answer to what his cryptic tweet meant.

Leaving Miami behind to support his old team, not his current team.

Bell has backed himself into a corner by waiting this long to return to the Steelers, but at least he's committed. At this point, he probably wants to get some reps under his belt this year so teams can have a look at him before he hits free agency. If he returns, then the Steelers will have an interesting choice on their hands. 

Do they play Bell right away, or keeping riding the hot hand in James Conner?

In two weeks, we'll know that answer.