​Does anybody related to the Philadelphia 76ers organization know how to use social media?

We all remember the story of Bryan Colangelo's wife crafting the tweets that ​cost him his job; that was only this summer, after all. Now, another member of the Sixers organization has stupidly revealed sensitive information on Twitter. That would be shooting coach Drew Hanlen.

In a tweet where Hanlen was, nobly, defending embattled second-year point guard ​Markelle Fultz, he foolishly revealed to the greater internet the in-house secret that Fultz is still not completely healthy, despite playing again.

This is a completely boneheaded move, as information surrounding injuries in professional sports is considered confidential, and any release of that information through improper channels -- like this one -- could have serious repercussions.​​

I'm not sure this merits the termination of his position, but a mistake like that is a pretty big one. 

As for Fultz, his shot remains...poor.

​​Yeesh. Whatever team-imposed punishment Hanlen gets, he better serve it quickly, because nobody needs a shooting coach more than Fultz does right now.