​It came as a shock to everyone when the ​New York Mets hired ​Brodie Van Wagenen to be their next general manager, as he doesn't have any front office experience and is a former agent of CAA Sports.

That may help him along the way, but it's not going to help his paycheck.

​​Van Wagenen signed a four-year deal worth $10 million with the Mets, which is way less than what he'd make as a sports agent. He was estimated to make around $25 million next year alone, according to chatter on Twitter.

Money isn't everything and maybe he looked at this as too good of an opportunity to pass up. However, he'd make more than double in 2019 alone than what he'll earn over the next four years as the Mets GM.

So, he'll have more work, responsibility and criticism in his new job, but will make significantly less, which certainly doesn't sound appealing. Of course, if he's successful and brings a championship to New York, then it won't really matter. Then he'll be a legend.