The New York Yankees are going to make myriad moves this offseason, many of which we can't possibly see coming (while others are likely entirely predictable).

Prepare for the Bronx Bombers to ​spend money, as they successfully got under the luxury tax threshold for the first time in 15 years.

According​ to Wallace Matthews, who spoke with an MLB insider, it remains possible the Yankees may look to move outfielder Giancarlo Stanton in order to make room for free agent outfielder Bryce Harper.

​​This move would make sense, as it would balance out the current right-handed Yankees lineup with Harper's potent lefty bat. The problem is, who's going to take Stanton's contract?

When the Yankees acquired Stanton last winter, the Miami Marlins had trades in place that would've sent Stanton either to the St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants, yet Stanton rejected both with his no-trade clause. At this point, it would absolutely take the Los Angeles Dodgers stepping in to nab Stanton to get a job done..

It has already been reported that the Yankees are not looking to ​pursue Harper, but that can change, as Brian Cashman is known to play his cards tight to his chest. 

An ideal situation for the Yankees would be to trade Stanton and sign Harper, but I just don't see anybody looking to trade for Stanton's contract at this moment and surrender prime assets. It also wouldn't shock me if the Yankees keep Stanton and just sign Harper to make their outfield that much more stacked.