​The Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes is already heating up even with the NBA regular season only a month old.

Despite previous reports that touched on Leonard's interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers, a recent update from ESPN NBA writer Tim Bontemps suggests that Leonard is more interested in playing for the other Los Angeles team.

​​Bontemps spoke with numerous league officials and he noted that Leonard would rather have ​control of his own team instead of playing second fiddle to ​LeBron James with the Lakers. 

If Leonard were to join the Clippers in the offseason, he would still be playing second fiddle to LeBron in the city of Los Angeles, since the Lakers will always be the most relevant basketball team in the city of Angels.

Perhaps Leonard shocks everyone this summer and stays in Toronto. But for now, his logic seems flawed. 

As Kawhi's team continues to float reports to gauge public perception, he also hopes to lead the Raps to the Finals. Remember, Toronto, you willingly walked into this distraction.