Well, this is a little awkward.

Kentucky football fans were set for a showdown between the Wildcats and the Georgia Bulldogs. As they made an appearance on SEC Nation, an interesting sign was shown that has some speculating exactly how much Kentucky fans really know their opponents.

A fan held up a sign of former WWE superstar Bill Goldberg prior to the Kentucky vs. Georgia game. Little do those fans know, Goldberg attended Georgia and played football for the school. Do your research, Big Blue Nation!

To make things worse for Kentucky fans, they lost. Georgia went on to win the SEC East title with ease, 34-17. While Goldberg can happily go to Atlanta with his alma mater, Kentucky is left with a sign that has a Bulldog on it. Makes sense, right?

You tell them, Goldberg. In four weeks, Georgia will travel to Atlanta to face none other than ​Alabama in what will be a game to decide the top-dog in the SEC.