If it's not obvious already, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl favorites once again. The Patriots knocked off the Green Bay Packers at Gillette Stadium on Sunday Night Football. They improved to 7-2, moving them to second-best in the AFC -- right behind Kansas City. As some may assume the Chiefs are the best in the conference, let's remember that New England is the lone team to put them in the loss column. 

It wasn't smooth sailing for the Patriots all season. The offseason proved to be a rollercoaster of a ride for the organization, losing key players and stirring drama between coaches and the owner. Now, quarterback ​Tom Brady and Co. are putting together a season that might be the best they've had in a while. The offense is clicking and the defense is holding its ground. 

In the offseason, the Patriots went through a tough transition on both sides of the ball. First, it was the key losses of wide receiver Danny Amendola and running back Dion Lewis. 

Amendola was Brady's best friend in clutch situations, including the game-winning grab against the Jacksonville Jaguars in last year's AFC Championship game. With the suspension of wide receiver Julian Edelman and constant injuries to tight end Rob Gronkowski, spectators were unsure how they could continue their success.

Enter Josh Gordon and Cordarrelle Patterson, who have taken the reigns in the offseason. Let's also not forget about the massive leap James White has taken this year. And the offensive line? It looks just as dominant as it was last year with Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon -- both of whom are gone.

So yeah, everyone that doubted New England once again fooled themselves into think that the Patriots don't know better at this point.