​As the offseason kicks into gear, Winter Meetings are approaching, which means there's plenty on the table that MLB GMs will be discussing, amid myriad trade requests. 

One of the topics expected to be pondered is the trade deadline itself, however.

The deadline currently sits on July 31, with post-deadline deals allowed via waivers. The new proposal would see post-deadline waiver deals eliminated in favor of one hard deadline for all deals, presumably sometime in mid-August. 

I, for one, am wholly in favor of this proposal. Why make a big deal about the trade deadline if you're only ​going to allow teams to trade players--​sometimes big stars--by a similar but slightly different means weeks later?

No more. You go, MLB GMs.

The deadline change proposal isn't the only thing that GMs will be discussing, of course, as trades and free agency are expected to kick into high gear as the meetings commence.

​​Whatever happens in those boardrooms is going to shape the landscape of baseball for years to come, so pay attention.