​​Demaryius Thomas, who spent his entire career with the Denver Broncos organization up until last week, was ​traded to the Houston Texans at the deadline to replace the injured Will Fuller IV. 

Thomas did not have to wait long to play a revenge game against the team that traded him, as he was lined up against the Broncos just five days later. 

The quick reunion seemed to be all love between Thomas and the Broncos, with a tribute being played for the receiver during the game and plenty of kind words coming from his former teammates. 

​​The Texans would escape with a 19-17 win in Thomas' debut, but things could have gone the other way had the Broncos not been passive with the ball at the end of the game. 

Denver only needed a field goal to win and seemed to be playing for that, instead of going for the touchdown, as they ran the ball to set up what was a 51-yard field goal attempt for the win. 

​Broncos kicker Brandon McManus missed the attempt and Thomas did not hold back when asked about his former team's strategy blowing up in their face. 

​​With the win this Sunday, the Texans have now won six straight contests and look to be a real contender in the AFC.

From these most recent comments, it would seem that Thomas is happy where he's at now, with a team that wins close games at the end rather then drops them in a heartbreaking fashion.