The Patriots' dominance during their win over the Green Bay Packers should put the league on notice. They're proving that they can beat teams without some of their top weapons as Josh Gordon is doing exactly what we thought he could in this offense. 

He's had good performances, before but it was this week where he truly reintroduced himself the rest of the league. Nothing could slow down or stop Flash Gordon. Not even an injury could keep him on the sidelines. 

Gordon says he dislocated his finger on a slant route and just casually popped it back into place...a FEW TIMES.

Popping it back into place more than once makes it seem like he either didn't do a great job doing it the first time or it was more serious than he's making it out to be.

Then again, it couldn't have been that serious as he went off with five grabs for 130 yards and a long touchdown.

He even ended it with a super casual "it's fine though" at the end. 

Being able to have this type of performance at all should be enough to have the league petrified. The finger injury didn't slow him down, and you better believe defenders aren't going to slow him down either. 

​​We'll have to wait and see how Gordon will shock us next week.