​The ​Houston Astros went from being one of the worst teams in baseball just five years ago to becoming a powerhouse in the American League that won the World Series in 2017, setting up a potential dynasty with a ridiculous core and new attitude.

A big reason for their success on the field was due to the work of their analytical department off of it, as the Astros are regarded for being one of the best teams in the sport at trend-spotting.

That analytical department just took a huge hit, though, because the man behind all of that success has chosen to leave the organization. 

​​Sig Mejdal was brought to the Astros by current ​president and general manager Jeff Luhnow when the latter took the job back in 2012. Mejdal worked for the Cardinals with Luhnow from 2005 to 2011 and followed him Houston to head their analytical department. 

Mejdal's contract expired on October 31 and he asked Luhnow for some time to explore his other options, so he will not re-up with the Astros at this time. 

Mejdal is not the only person who has left the Astros analytics department, of course, as they have lost three of the original members of Luhnow's department this year. 

​​The Astros have to hope that those founding members have built up the analytics department enough during their time in Houston that they can sustain the loss of so many bright minds.