​Manny Machado was essentially rented by the Dodgers for a part of the season, and much speculation has occurred regarding where he'd end up after his time there. 

To the surprise of nobody, the ​Yankees are in strong contention to land Machado as the MLB offseason begins to pick up steam, though it will all depend on his price. 

​​Pitching is also a priority for the Yankees, as both Patrick Corbin and J.A. Happ are priority targets for them this offseason. 

​Machado is somewhat of a controversial figure in the ​MLB, but there is no doubt that he is a great player. The Bronx Bombers would love to add his firepower to their roster. 

There's very little chance the Dodgers will retain Machado, and only the Yankees and the Phillies really seem like viable options at this point. 

Machado may be a great player, but he has plenty of issues as well, mostly stemming from his attitude and lack of hustle. To put it bluntly, Machado just doesn't try at some critical moments. Even in the World Series. 

The Yankees would surely like ​​to sign him, but they'll hope to avoid his attitude problems if they do.