Sitting on the couch at home watching his team play, Le'Veon Bell must be getting pretty nervous with how his backup has been doing even though he claims to not have a care in the world. 

James Conner has been seemingly unstoppable this season for the Pittsburgh Steeler​s and today was no different.

​​Conner tacked on 162 all-purpose yards to his rapidly increasing season total as well as one touchdown, making him the first player in Steelers history to have 10 touchdowns through the team's first eight games.

From the looks of it, Conner has been just as good -- if not better -- than Bell would have been as the starter, which has to make Le'Veon nervous. Bell was banking on the team failing in his absence to help his contract negotiations, but his absence has only done the opposite.

Conner has risen to the occasion after being gifted the role of starter and, as such, has made Bell expendable. The chance of Bell getting the mega-deal he has been after for this season decreases with every James Conner touch of the ball. 

As a ​Steelers fan you have to be happy, because regardless of what happens, the team is getting excellent running back play at a discounted price.