It's still not clear if Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl running back Le'Veon Bell will return to the field this season. 

If he chooses not to by Nov. 13, then Bell will be ineligible to play for the rest of 2018, in which case the Steelers could hit him with a transition tag this offseason and begin another drawn-out process at the expense of everyone watching.

At this point, though, with second-year running back James Conner playing the way he is and cementing himself as one of the league's top superstars, the Steelers should hope their distraction of a disgruntled player stays far away. 

The Steelers are currently first in the AFC North coming off a big Week 9 win over their rivals the Baltimore Ravens thanks to Conner's monster performance, where he rushed 24 times for 107 yards and caught seven passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.

Even if Bell comes back, it's hard to imagine the team taking the starting role away from Conner, the player who has certainly earned his PT.

Pittsburgh is less than 10 days from having a definitive answer and though it is uncertain whether Bell will finally show in the upcoming week, what is clear is that the team has found its future in the backfield no matter what.