Free safety Eric Weddle is known for his blanket coverage and hard-hitting style that has made him a staple of the Baltimore Ravens dominant defense for the past several years. But there's nothing more identifiable for the 12-year veteran than his signature beard, which is so pronounced, the chinstrap on his helmet can barely contain it from week to week. 

We're not sure if Weddle is preparing for a wedding or if he got signed by the New York Yankees, but heading into Week 9's matchup against AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Weddle decided to shave it all off.

During "​No-Shave November" no less??

What Weddle is left with now is still a full beard for most people but likely a six o' clock shadow by his standards.

Lighter with less resistance, the 33-year-old free safety looks like he's 23 and will probably fly to the ball as if he hasn't aged in the league one bit. Stay on alert, Steelers receivers.