Dear Nick Saban; please encase ​Tua Tagovailoa in bubble wrap until the SEC Championship Game against Georgia, thank you. Sincerely, Alabama fans. ​Tua put LSU to bed with a long touchdown run (yeah, he's allowed to do that, too) in what could very well be a Heisman moment for this sophomore quarterback. After the celebration, however, Tua came up with a noticeable limp, a fact that should surely terrify Alabama fans. Here's the video evidence. 

​​Tagovailoa will be fine, but if Saban needed further evidence to sit his star quarterback for another fourth quarter, this ought to be it. LSU can't remotely move the football against this defense, so a three-score advantage should be plenty.

​​That's a rough drive summary for LSU. With top-ranked Alabama well on their way to another victory, let's hope Tagovailoa can leave Baton Rouge unscathed.