​It was "The Will Grier Show" on Saturday, as the Heisman favorite​​ led the West Virginia Mountaineers to a 42-41 victory over the Texas Longhorns.

In the first quarter, Grier chucked the ball downfield to receiver David Sills for a huge 60-yard touchdown for ​the Mountaineers. Sills celebrated by throwing a double "Horns Down" sign towards the Texas crowd. As a result, he was penalized for taunting.

When asked about the flag after the game, head coach Dana Holgorsen said he checked with the referees pregame to see if the Horns Down hand signal would be considered a penalty. Holgorson thought it would be allowed and admitted he was "disappointed," citing it must have been a case of "miscommunication."

​​Well, Holgorsen tried, but it was all for naught.

In the Big 12 Conference, there are no written rules about hand gestures, only that players can not commit verbal or physical abuse to opponents, officials, or fans. In fact, gestures are up to the "officials' judgment," in terms of throwing a taunting penalty in the Big 12.

The Horns Down gesture was made famous by the Oklahoma Sooners, and Texas has been pushing for the conference to ban the hand motion.

While Texas got their wish by getting the Horns Down gesture penalty, they didn't leave with the victory on Saturday, as their fall down the AP Top 25 Rankings continues.