​Yikes, this one really stings. ​Tua Tagovailoa's been nearly invincible for Alabama this season, as he hasn't even had to play in the fourth quarter for the Crimson Tide. Yet, Bama's matchup against LSU is their toughest test to date, and ​Tua will be expected to carry the load. About that...

Below the belt, indeed. An LSU defender appeared to lose his balance and speared Tua with his helmet in...a delicate area. We have no other words.

Mac Jones was inserted into the game briefly, but Tagovailoa would later return after an immediate injury scare. With Jalen Hurts recovering from a minor surgery, this is sure to be a storyline to watch moving forward for Alabama.

We feel you, Tua. This was about the only way LSU would slow Tagovailoa and the high-powered Alabama offense down.