​How can you not love Joel Embiid? The NBA's best personality was at it again on Saturday after physically dominating ​new rival Andre Drummond and the Detroit Pistons. 

​Embiid is the player Dre thinks he can be, without realizing that his back to the basket game and overall physicality cannot compare to that of the Sixers star. Because of this, Drummond tends to get in his own way whenever he comes to Philly. Embiid knows this. So instead of accepting his advantage quietly, he's preparing for a matchup down the road.

This tweet, sent out shortly after Philly's win, is bound to take things to another level.

So what if he tagged the wrong Andre Drummond? The point has been made. As if this were ever a competition to begin with, Embiid isn't concerning himself with the thoughts of peasants. Drummond, in his current state, cannot come close to containing the Sixers big man.

If there isn't a pregame fight scheduled for Dec. 7, we'll all be disappointed.