Joel Embiid's jabs on social media often times have the look of playful banter rather than malicious swipes at a player's talent. However, the star ​Sixers center has formed a nice rivalry with Pistons center ​Andre DrummondHow is their meeting today going?

Not. Even. Close.

The traditional, back to the basket center, was chucking up threes and funky off-balance pull-ups. The Sixers announcers took full advantage and absolutely went in on the confused and struggling Drummond.

With such savage comments as "Was he really expecting that to go in?" and the ironic "That's a professional basketball player," the color commentators were having a field day with Embiid's domination of Drummond. 

After calling Drummond ​"fat" and "out of shape", Embiid appears to be proven correct early in this one.

​​Things didn't go much better for Drummond in their first meeting. Embiid got the better of the former UConn Huskie, posting a solid 33/11/7 line against Drummond's 14/16/2. Embiid also got Drummond ejected with a ​laughable flop

With Dwane Casey's Pistons a likely playoff team that could end up facing Embiid, Ben Simmons and the 76ers in a playoff series, Embiid being in Drummond's head like this isn't encouraging.

​Drummond better get himself sorted out quickly.