​Most big men in the NBA know that you don't mess with Joel Embiid. Andre Drummond had to be taught that lesson first hand on Saturday. After calling the 76ers' center "fat" and "out of shape" in October, The Process made sure that the Pistons center would live to regret his words.

​​Not too bad for a fat, out of shape guy! Embiid has continued to pester Drummond under the basket and drew multiple fouls against him in the first five minutes of today's game. Embiid, on the other hand, has himself been issued a technical foul. The officials are sensing that this chippy game has the potential to get out of hand if they don't start cracking down on the two big men.

These are two of the most talented centers in the league, and their ​heightening beef is great for fans to watch. Just keep things as clean as you can, guys.