​After the Washington Wizards had yet another disappointing performance in the playoffs last season, many thought the team would be motivated and come out this year with a bang. Instead, the Wiz have limped out of the gate, losing seven of their first eight games, including five straight on the trot.

Of course, they haven't been at full strength. New center ​Dwight Howard only came back to action last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder after missing the first seven contests of the season with gluteal soreness. However, Howard's return doesn't look like it'll make much of a difference.

The ​Wizards were blown out against the Thunder, as they lost 134-111. Howard actually had a decent few minutes in his Wizards debut, scoring 13 points in the first quarter.

​​However, that opening quarter would be all Howard and Washington had to cheer for, as the center was limited in playing time due to his injury and the Wizards saw the game slip away. Additionally, when Howard went back to the bench, he couldn't even sit down and had to lie on the floor in order to not aggravate his muscle ailment.

​​And this isn't just a one-game thing, either.

​​The image of Howard lying down on the floor is just a metaphor for the Wizards' season. The team just can't seem to get up, and the team's spirit is just like Howard-- lying flat on the deck.