​Before last seasons ​college basketball tournament, most of the country hadn't even heard of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, or ​UMBC, let alone their basketball program. 

However, after all these years, the Retrievers finally gave us a 16-seed beating a one-seed when they took down Tony Bennett and Virginia 74-54 in a blowout.

​​UMBC hasn't had the opportunity to raise many banners, with just one 2008 America East conference championship before their Cinderella story unfolded. 

Still, head coach Ryan Odom couldn't let this go unrecognized. The Retrievers commemorated their historic upset with a banner raised to the rafters of the UMBC Event Center. 

​​The banner raising went down on Friday night, with the banner honoring their monumental upset joined by another one celebrating their America East championship. 

​​We, honestly, may never see an upset as improbable as UMBC taking down not only the No. 1 team in the country in the Cavaliers, but a team renowned for its suffocating defense. 

The Retrievers stared Virginia dead in the eyes and drained three after three. UMBC's victory lap should carry on, as this is as momentus of an upset as we've seen in the sport.