Of course they did.

The Red Sox really enjoyed winning that World Series. Like really, really enjoyed winning it. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they spent $500K in a nightclub the night that they won the championship in LA.

And this isn't even a notoriously hard-partying crew!

Reports say that they bought 169 bottles of champagne and around $300,000 worth of booze overall, and then left a huge tip to bring the total up to $500K. The franchise had a $227 million payroll last season, so this is chump change for players of this caliber.

The team followed up this celebration with more partying this week, as they spent another $300,000 at Boston’s Icon nightclub on Tuesday and then joined Rick Ross on Thursday after getting serenaded at TD Garden

If the Red Sox spent $500K on their first night, and almost $1 million in the first week, since their championship, I wonder how much they'll spend in total this offseason. Free agents will come and go. But parties never die. It's the Red Sox time to celebrate, and it's worth every penny.