The Minnesota Timberwolves have let their ​Jimmy Butler problem fester for far too long. The star forward requested a trade before the regular season began and the Wolves have gotten quite far in trade talks, but the move just hasn't happened. Butler is obviously dying to get out of the organization, but his stunt Friday night was just a bit out of line. Watch as the Wolves forward cheers on with fans of the Golden State Warriors as they beat his own team:


Come on, Jimmy. Not only is that just a low move coming from anyone, but it's also something that your potential future employers and teammates will see as they try to add you to their squad. Cheering against your own team in any circumstance is not something any professional sporting franchise wants in their athletes.

Butler himself had a decent night with 21 points, five assists, and three rebounds in 35 minutes, but his team fell to the Warriors, 116-99. 

Yes, we all know that Mr. Butler wants a trade, but there's something called class in this world. He should go and get some.