​This is going to be the most important game in the SEC this season. Whoever wins the Georgia-Kentucky game tomorrow will represent the East in the SEC Championship Game. 

​Kentucky, a team that has gone from a longtime disappointment to a title contender seemingly over a few games, looks to silence any doubters. Meanwhile, Georgia has stumbled after receiving such high expectations heading into the season, but it can still erase naysayers by beating the Wildcats in convincing fashion. 

​​With all that being said, however, this matchup is not as close as it seems. 

Make no mistake about it - the Bulldogs are going to dominate this game. The biggest difference between the two teams that will make the biggest difference in the game is offense, no question. 

​​While Kentucky boasts an incredible defense led by Josh Allen, which will force ​Jake Fromm to make a few rushed decisions and certainly limit a few drives, the Bulldogs ultimately have too many weapons. 

Georgia averages over seven points per play, one of only nine teams in the FBS to do so. The Wildcats haven't given up more than 20 points at any point this season, but they haven't faced a monster like Georgia.

Meanwhile, Kentucky doesn't have many weapons to counterattack. Benny Snell Jr. can only do so much on his own. The Wildcats just don't have the passing game to support Snell and keep up with the Bulldogs on the offensive end. 

Kentucky ranks 96th in the nation with just 6.7 yards per pass attempt.

​​Kentucky absolutely deserves to be in the conversation along with the best teams in the nation. It's just that against Georgia, there's not much it can do.