The Cleveland Browns are famously inept in their front office, and now it looks like that lack of insight is spreading to their roster as well.

Arguably, the presences of Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon were enough to fill that quota, but since they've been gone, it looked for a moment as if the Browns might be a team trending towards sanity.

And then Rashaard Higgins spoke.

Higgins has come out endorsing the Browns ​heinous decision to promote defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to the interim head coach position following the firing of Hue Jackson, rather than venerable veteran offensive coordinator Al Saunders (​as first reported). The reason Higgins thinks Williams is a good choice? He's "crazy."

​​You're right, Rashard: Williams is crazy. But NOT in the good way. Do you not remember just six years ago, when he was banned indefinitely by the NFL for advocating attempts to injure known weak spots of opponents? 

He never should have been reinstated in the first place, yet he was, and bounced from job to job, presumably not having learned his lesson.

​​Never mind the blatant violation of the Rooney Rule, that's a ludicrous statement for so many reasons. There is zero chance a team commits to hire someone with as sordid a past as Williams to be their head coach without an interview. There's no way they hire anyone without interviewing them first, unless brass knows them intimately.

So, apologies for doubting Higgins' intelligence, but I don't have a choice if he's going to advocate for Williams' hiring based on his insanity; especially when that insanity comes up with an instruction as harrowing as "kill the head and the body will die."

Higgins better be glad for his own sake that Williams' rules don't apply to practice, or else Higgins could find himself with a career-ending injury.