Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is finding ways to excuse his poor play over the last month. The Ravens have lost the last three out of four games, including a 12-9 loss to the  Cleveland Browns. This weekend, they will be facing the ​Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that the Ravens took down on Sunday Night Football a few weeks back. The tables have turned, however.

The Steelers have won their last three and are headed into Baltimore with revenge on their minds. Flacco isn't thinking too much into that. Instead, he is focused on shaving his facial hair in preparation for Sunday's game.

“I’ve been thinking about cutting it about every night for two weeks,” Flacco said. “It’s not like we’ve been winning with it. So, we’ve all got a little bit of superstition in us, I guess.” 

Every player and fan has their own superstition, but is it that important to where you think about it every night. 

Flacco needs all of the help he can get.

Since his great Week 1 performance, Flacco has been just average. On the year, Flacco has 2,259 yards, 12 touchdowns and six interceptions, and just a 61.1 completion percentage. In his last two games, he has not cracked a 60-percent completion percentage. 

While shaving may not be the answer to his poor play, it's worth a try.