​Following the loss to the Warriors on Wednesday night, Anthony Davis was seen ​reuniting with DeMarcus Cousins. Although we can't be sure about what exactly was said, based on this news, we might have an idea. 

AD believes in the possibility of Boogie coming back to the Pels after a year with the Dubs. Could he have been doing some early recruitment? 

That would certainly be an interesting turn of events, and in all honesty it could be possible. As long as ​Boogie gets the ring that he's after, he should certainly have plenty of options. 

We'd also love to see the two big men reunite, as Boogie's injury last season stopped us from really getting to see the pair do damage in the playoffs.

While AD believes that Boogie may come back to the Pels, his own future with the organization is unclear considering reports and rumors have suggested multiple contenders are going to pursue him once he hits free agency.

He's one of the best players in the ​NBA, after all. Whether or not the duo will reunite in the future is anyone's guess, but we're excited by the possibility of it. ​​