The NFL learned on Sunday evening that ​Ty Montgomery is not the best kick returner out there after watching him fumble away the game versus the Los Angeles Rams. However, the Green Bay Packers might've missed a thing or two when scouting him out of Stanford, especially this one play during the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State. It turns out Montgomery hasn't always been the smartest of returners, even dating back to his collegiate days.

Yes, that's Montgomery literally being tackled by his own teammate so he couldn't make another idiotic decision to take the ball out of the end zone on a kickoff. The right decision was so obvious that his teammate saw it from essentially the same exact spot that Ty was standing in. How telling, eh?

Unfortunately, Montgomery got himself booted out of Green Bay after he took those same decision-making skills to the game last Sunday. The running back was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a seventh-round pick.

Montgomery is a very useful player who can rush the ball and catch it. The Ravens probably got themselves a steal with what they gave Green Bay in return.

They just need to keep him off the special teams unit.