We've seen a ton of great costumes today on Halloween, but perhaps none is more scary than LeBron James'

James decided to go with the Jason Voorhees look, and he pulled it off perfectly, meaning it was completely terrifying.

Wow. I knew that LeBron's teammates had to be aware of him possibly losing his patience, but now they really need to make sure that they keep the King happy at all times. 

There were other costumes that were a cut above the rest. ​DeAndre Hopkins looked like he was plucked straight off of Pandora. 

And Maurice Harkless made Dave Chappelle proud with his Tyrone Biggums costume last week.

Happy Halloween to all! And if someone gives you candy corn, go to that vending machine in New York City that allows you to trade in bad candy for some peanut butter cups.

And if you're a Lakers player, please do NOT make LeBron made tonight.