This rollercoaster in Maryland has finally come to a shocking end. 

After the University of Maryland decided to reinstate their head coach it became extremely clear that the masses were not happy. Students and parents were planning to protest, government officials were calling for the school to reconsider, and players even walked out on a meeting that Durkin called.

Their voices were all heard as the school decided they could not push this head coach on their program, announcing this evening that he would not return to the Maryland sideline. 

Finally, a school decided to listen to those that support them. 

Durkin was the man in charge when offensive lineman Jordan McNair died of heat stroke earlier this offseason. He has been on administrative leave since August 11th and was expected to be brought back to the team this week before this public outcry. 

Looking past his 10-15 record as a head coach, he let a student die on his watch. He had to be held accountable. 

It took a ton of people to vocally stand against this decision, but Maryland made the right choice when they were backed into a corner.