​Life in ​Los Angeles has gotten off to a less-than-ideal start for LeBron James. The Lakers have had several late-game collapses and have limped out to a 2-5 start. 

​Kobe Bryant had finally seen enough of his former team come out of the gates so weak, and quipped that he would come out of retirement if their winless start continued.

Perhaps LeBron is is such an odd place right now that he would actually welcome Kobe back. He's clearly losing patience with a young, inexperienced squad that lacks perimeter scoring. James is clearly pining for another scorer to take some of the pressure off of him (no, Josh Hart and Lance Stephenson don't count). 

So he put up a simultaneously awesome and weird photoshopped post on his Instagram showing him and Kobe finally together on the court in Laker gold.

​​The subtext behind this post shows that James is asking for someone to either arrive and start scoring or for the Black Mamba to come out of retirement and shore up a week squad. If the Lakers stay under .500, who knows how many unusual Instagram posts we'll see.