​Baseball has traditions like no other sport. Many may think the game is boring, but those who know and love baseball see the beauty of its history, quirkiness, and tradition.

For the past several years, a relatively new tradition has been established: The former World Series champions send pizza to the front office of whichever team takes their spot atop the MLB.

​​Having won the World Series to conclude one of the most dominant seasons of baseball in the history of the sport, the Boston Red Sox have been gifted several boxes of pizza from the former world champion ​Houston Astros, continuing the new tradition. 

Traditions like these show how classy and timeless the sport of baseball is, as no other sport would ever let this fly.

​​Could you imagine if the​ New England Patriots sent pizza to the Eagles' front office after losing to them in last year's Super Bowl? Yeah, neither can I.

Whether you like the game of baseball or not, baseball should be appreciated by everyone because its culture and history are far beyond that of any other sport.