For those who need to be reminded: Tragedy struck the ​NCAA when Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair passed away after a grueling offseason workout. 

​Earlier today, it was reported that the Maryland Board of Regents recommended the University to retain head coach DJ Durkin and athletic director Damon Evans.

Now, hours later, one of Maryland's offensive lineman Ellis McKennie took to Twitter in a powerful, emotional way speaking of the school's decision. Take a look. 

It's one thing to do what is best for the football and athletics program. It is ENTIRELY different holding individuals accountable for a STUDENT'S death. 

​Earlier today, three players walked out of a team meeting after becoming aware of the news.  

Check out what McNair's father had to say:

Just awful. 

McKennie is right. There is never a wrong time to do what is right. Changes should have made been made shortly, if not immediately following McNair's death, but retaining Durkin and Evans  for another year is essentially saying that Maryland's Board of Regent's isn't concerned about justice. 

We are 110 percent with McKennie on this one.