​Boban Marjanović is an absolute mountain of a man. The ​Los Angeles Clippers center from Serbia stands at an astounding 7-3 and makes just about any human being that stands next to him look like a midget. 

Before tonight's game between the Clippers and the Thunder in Oklahoma City, Boban stood next to Kristin Chenoweth, a 4-11 actress and singer who will be singing the national anthem before the game. 

The size comparison is scary.

That is frightening yet awesome at the same time. 

It's like a giant standing next to a hobbit from The Lord of the Rings. These are two fully grown individuals and Chenoweth is in heels. It's unbelievable.

There has to be at least one person from time to time who comes up to Boban and asks him how the weather is up there. Guaranteed.

Marjanović has turned into somewhat of a treasure in his short career so far in the NBA. Though a player of that height may not last as long due to the toll it takes on the knees, hopefully the lovable giant will be able to stick around.