On his first day back from administrative leave, ​it appears Maryland players are not yet ready to welcome back head coach DJ Durkin. 

Today multiple starters reportedly left their team meeting upon learning that ​Durkin would resume as head coach.  

This response by the Maryland players obviously shows how they feel about Durkin and his involvement in the alleged mistreatment of players stemming from the events that occurred last spring.

In May of this year, Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair collapsed during a team practice from a heatstroke, which led to his death two weeks later. After an ​ESPN article exposed Durkin and the rest of the athletic staff for the mistreatment of McNair, the school assumed full responsibility for his death. 

This lead to Durkin being placed on administrative leave as punishment. ​​

University president Wallace D. Loh has already planned to retire at the end of the administrative year, so you have to wonder if Durkin will follow. 

It looks like Maryland players are already forcing the hand of the university.