Urban Meyer is going to stay in the headlines for as long as he's on the Ohio State sidelines. 

While the Zach Smith case will always be a topic of conversation, Meyer recently talked about his health ailments and his future with ​Ohio State in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Sports. 

So, what did Meyer have to say? 

​​In a game earlier this month against the Indiana Hoosiers, many spectators noticed that Meyer was taking a knee on the sideline. The possibility of a player collision was ruled out when the coach admitted that he was in extreme pain stemming from a headache. 

The constant headaches started in 1998 when Meyer was diagnosed with with an enlarged arachnoid cyst in his brain. 

While Meyer has stated that he will be back with the team in 2019, this is a situation to monitor for Buckeyes fans due to his age and how greatly his health is affecting him on game days. 

​​Replacing a man like Meyer would be a difficult task for Ohio State, and it only adds to the concern for his health and job status moving forward. 

While reports from SEC network host Paul Finebaum and college football analysts suggest that this will be his last season and he's become more erratic on the sideline, Meyer will try his best to continue to lead the Buckeyes for as long as he can.