​Yikes. Talk about having a bad couple of days. 

After it was reported that Packers running back/wide receiver Ty Montgomery failed to obey coaches' orders to take a knee in the end zone on a play that resulted in him fumbling the kickoff and blowing the game, Green Bay has reportedly traded him to the Baltimore Ravens.

This comes shortly after it was reported Montgomery was available in trade talks.

They'll be getting a seventh-round pick in return.

​​I mean, is anybody really surprised? The guy literally defied coaches, threw a tantrum before the play even began, and returned the ball out of spite. For a team that's looking to get back into the playoff picture, this is the last thing the locker room needed. 

While ​Montgomery denied everything, it's still absolutely unacceptable to take the ball out of Aaron Rodgers' hands late in the game. When you give him enough time, we all know what the end result will be. 

​Montgomery is only 25 years old and has shown that he's versatile, especially as a kick returner, so the Ravens are getting a very talented player. They just need to work on his listening skills. 

Lombardi is absolutely correct. You cannot allow players to disrespect coaches like that because it can significantly affect the team's culture.

The Packers made the right move getting rid of Montgomery. It's not only beneficial to the locker room, but it'll help both sides move on.