​After all the talk at Maryland, it seems like nothing is changing, at least in terms of personnel.

According to reports, the Maryland Board of Regents recommends that the university retain both Terrapins head coach DJ Durkin and athletic director Damon Evans.

​​This was all decided after a two-month investigation that probed the culture of the football program, sparked by the death of Jordan McNair, who died of heatstroke during a Terrapins workout session. The investigation produced a report that concluded the ​culture at Maryland was "not toxic," but players were afraid to speak out against the coaches.

Parents and many others certainly didn't want Durkin to continue coaching after he had a player die under his watch.

​​There are so many things wrong with all of this. First, there's no way that Maryland's football culture isn't toxic if players are afraid to speak out. The investigation report found evidence of toxicity, such as coaches ridiculing players routinely, and decided to not label the findings as toxic for some reason.

In addition, the coaches that created that kind of a dangerous environment for the players should no longer have jobs at Maryland, period. Something has to change to show accountability, and Maryland failed at this.

​​It would be an injustice for Terrapins players if no action is taken by the ​administration. Durkin and Evans definitely need to go.